Maryam AlJomairi


Bloom : Wax drip chair - Bloom is a sculptural chair composed of a 2-part structure; endoskeleton (steel) and skin (wax). Bloom is looked through the lens of a continuously changing object that sheds its skin seasonally. It can almost be conceptualized as a DIY kit where one receives a skeleton and is able to create their own version of the chair, in a way disrupting typical movement of goods/commercial furniture. 
The project began with the material exploration of wax at its molten state, deploying the technique of dripping melted wax on a substructure to create a thickened skin condition, and then inverting it once it is solidified resulting in an upward vertical growth appearance.

Instructor: Professor Faysal Tabbarah

Programs used: Pixilogic Zbrush / Autodesk Maya

Fall 2016 - American University of Sharjah