Maryam AlJomairi


Misfit Naturalism : Object + Dwelling  - Examines formal anomalies of a dwelling and its function, exploring an a-typical analogue between elements that aggregate together to create a whole. It is composed of 4 modular shells, each module acts as a pocket to allow for further thinner shells to be nested into one another. As the user approaches the project, he/she/it comes across the first modular shell which acts as large open vestibule. The user continues to approach the 3 remaining modules, circulating in a spiral motion, with each shell gradually increasing in height  for views and visual privacy.
The outermost shells of the modules connect and morph into one another creating a thick core at the center, that merges with the ground. Each elevated module rests on vertical structures meanwhile ground level modules rest on the stereotomic ground.

Programs used: Autodesk Maya /  Pixilogic Zbrush

Instructor: Professor Faysal Tabbarah

Summer 2016 - American University of Sharjah